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About us

About us Who We Are History
2020.01Built the Consumer Electronics Association (CES) promotion hall and
rendered support for corporate participation​
2020.01Opened the Seoul Smart City Center​
2019.10Hosted the 2019 Seoul Smart City Summit & Conference​
2019.08Relocated to the Sangam S-Plex Center​
2019.05Appointed the 2nd Chairperson​
2017.09Hosted the 2nd Seoul International Digital Festival​
2017.06Launched the “Digital Playground” for youth digital education​
2017.03Appointed “Seoul Digital Doctor Group,” a network of private expert
2016.10Hosted the 1st Seoul International Digital Festival​
2016.09Opened the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park
2016.06Established the Seoul Digital Foundation
2016.06Appointed the inaugural Chairperson​