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Global Activity

Global Activity GDIA

The Seoul Digital Foundation collaborates with organizations around the world tasked with overseeing urban/city affairs to ensure a successful transformation of cities to digital-based societies and to improve the quality of living for the urban population.

Global Digital Innovation Alliance (GDIA)

  • The Global Digital Innovation Alliance (GDIA) was created to share case studies on innovative projects between institutions established missions similar to that of the SDF, i.e. reinforcing global urban innovation or solving urban problems, and to establish a cooperative system between cities across the globe.
  • Global Digital Innovation Alliance (GDIA) aims to make the cities more livable, equitable, and enriching for citizens by collaborating with members.
  • Creating a better urban ecosystem based on cooperation to resolve urban issues and strengthen sustainable development.
Main Activities
  • The alliance tries to hold an annual conference or seminars to share and learn best practices.
  • It will cooperate with joint programs among members to resolve urban problems.
  • It will support innovative activities of citizens, start-ups, NGOs for better urban ecosystems.
Current progress
  • Plans for the GDIA were drafted between December 2017 and the first half of 2018. By September 2018, it recruited ten global “innovation institutions” from cities such as New York, Porto, and Brussels, and an inauguration ceremony was held in October 2018.
  • Currently in its third year of operations, the GDIA continues to work with its member organizations - GDIA hosted its second regular general meeting in Spain in November 2019, and an online webinar event in December 2020.
Member organizations
Belgium / Brussels


Open and Agile Smart Cities
- A network of cities across Europe and Central/South America (120 cities in 24 countries)
China / Chengdu

Sina-Korea Innovation & Startup Park

Supporting organization for Korea-China joint ventures
- Provides hardware and software (e.g. education/training, incubation, etc.) to support high-tech startups
- Promotes joint venture startups between Korea and China
Portugal / Porto

Associacao Porto Digital

Non-profit association between the Porto City Government, local universities, and corporations
- Manages the ICT infrastructure (e.g. optical fibers, Wi-Fi, etc.) in Porto
- Establishes a smart city platform and ecosystem for innovative projects
USA / New York

Urban Tech Hub

Supporting organizations for startups in New York
- Provides networking and investment consulting opportunities, co-working spaces, etc.
- Supports technical innovations aimed at solving urban problems (e.g. transportation, logistics, infrastructure, environment, open data, etc.)

Center for Liveable Cities Singapore

Government ministry-affiliated research institute on sustainable cities
- Researches, teaches/trains, and serves as an advising organization for overseas city governments on the subject of sustainable cities
- Hosts the World Cities Summit
- Hosts the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize
Brazil / Brasilia

Brazilian Human Smartcities Network

Network of cities across Brazil (over 300 cities)
- Establishes and promotes the smart city roadmap “Brazil 2030”
- Establishes public-private-academic cooperation systems, and oversees smart city projects
Kazakhstan / Astana

JSC Astana Innovations

Smart city-related policy implementing organization funded by the Astana city government
- Executes smart city-related projects in Astana (e.g. reinforced CCTV security systems, etc.)
- Promotes urban innovation using open data, etc.
Malaysia / Cyberjaya


Organization funded by the Malaysian government
- Manages and operates the Cyberjaya Science Complex
- Provides education, investment, and networking opportunities, and supports initiatives requiring public participation (e.g. Living Lab, etc.) as well as startups
Romania / Bucharest

ICI Bucharest

Ministry of Communications and Information Society-affiliated research institute for information and communication technology
- Develops and researches information and communication technology-related issues (e.g. blockchain and cybersecurity)
Vietnam / Hanoi

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park

High-tech industrial complex (Japan ODA project)
- Provides infrastructure facilities to promote the high-tech industry
- Offers technology-related education/training, promotes investment activities